Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Duty Roster for Classroom Cleanliness

Hi Dearies

We spend a lot of time in our own FT classroom, thus the serious need to keep it clean. To ensure that we have a conducive learning environment, all of us need to put in conscious effort to keep our classroom clean. The onus is on us.

So, I will need Alden to come up with a duty roster and you are to ensure that people in your class are indeed doing their duty. If any of your classmates failed to comply, despite your 2nd reminders, you MUST alert me immediately, and I will have a personal chat with the person/s.

All to comply. Everyone is to CHECK your own duty days on your own and compute the data on your phone, etc as it is your RESPONSIBILITY.

The above quote means that we need to be consistent with our efforts at keeping our duty without someone telling or reminding us to do our Part! Any gap in the duty roster (meaning that some people did not stay back to do their part, I need to be informed so that I can make the necessary corrective measures with that someone).

I take the maintenance of your classroom cleanliness VERY SERIOUSLY.

Ms Lam

An Early-Welcome Greeting to you, S2-08 (2016)

Hi Dearies

I would like to formally introduce myself as your FT 2016. I may have already known some of you (especially those are in English Drama, as well as those who had gone with me to RDFZ GCP 2015).

I would also like to take the opportunity to wish you all a blessed new year ahead!
Hope that all of you are well rested and I look forward to seeing you as my FT class on 4 Jan 2016.

P.S: To test your existing emergency relay skills, can each exco send word (fb, twitter, etc) to your members to update you on any changes made to their residential AND own personal mobile phone numbers pls? I believe I have already shared a Sheet with Celeste and Brendan. Complete the info before 4 Jan

Can Brendan also create a Lucky Wheel that bears the names of your classmates pls? I intend to play some ice-breaker activities when we have our 1st FT time after we are done with the administrative matters.

Best regards
Ms Christine Lam Lai Hwa