Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome back to SST, S2-08!

Hi Dearies

Welcome back to the 1st day of school 2016!

Hope you are all well-rested and are all recharged to soar to greater heights for your academics and CCAs.

Things to do this week:
1) Temperature Taking Exercise, Thursday 7th Jan (7.40 a.m. - 8.05 a.m.)
Please bring your thermometer tomorrow 5 Jan and lock it in your locker.

2) Locker's secret code which will be given to today. Do NOT share the code with anyone for security reasons.

3) Conduct Attire Check. Do trim your hair and ensure that your uniform is of appropriate length, as stated in the students' handbook as teachers will be doing a check tomorrow.

4) Comms Expectation (AUP) - signed and return tomorrow

5) Distribute SDM (Ashley to collect), Medical Record Form (Celeste) and Edusave Form (Brendan)

6) Reminder to sign-up for myLIbraryID (go to Alden to report once you have done that. Alden, create a list to keep tab)

7) Collection of Report Book (Brendan and Ashley) and send to GO once the entire class has submitted. Bring your Report Card tomorrow.

8) Duty Roster (by end of Week 1) - (Welfare Rep/Secretary)

Ms Lam

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