Friday, April 22, 2016

22 April CE Period

CE Period


How did the bystander in the ice-cream shop feel when the girl with the speech disorder was teased and bullied?

1.They are scared it would be a bigger problem if they interfere.
2.They are protective and told the bullies off.
3.They encourage her, and told her to take her time.
4.Honour the values of courage.
5.They can stand up for the girl
6.Example:Foreigner from developing countries throws rubbish into the water cooler, causing it to be dirty.
7.Example:Leaving of rubbish on the ground, we can tell them by throwing it into the rubbish bin near us. 

Empathy and strong moral fibre to stand up for the girl.

Exemplary role model for others, and by doing so, you gain respect.

Moral dilemma

->Write incident report


Some Examples:
Alden: There was once when a person on the MRT did not give up his seat to an old man. I did not know what to do as I did not want to make it a big problem and if the old man did not want the seat, I could probably have been embarrassed.  I think I did not demonstrate real integrity as I should have stood up for the man and ignored my personal feelings.

Brendan-It was a decision where my close friends were doing wrong things. I did not really know what to know because I was afraid that they would hate me for confronting them. Moral courage helped me to make the right decision of confronting them as they would benefit from it.

Nigel-When I was younger, there was a time where I was on the MRT with my mother. At that time, there was an very old lady, having difficulties standing. No one decided to give up the seat so my mother requested them to give up. They felt embarrassed after that and gave up their seat. My mother showed integrity through helping the old lady and after that, the old lady was very glad with what my mother has done.

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