Tuesday, May 24, 2016

June Holiday Assignments and Student Congress AA

Hi Dearies

Hope this email finds you well.

By now, your respective subject teachers would have notified who are down for their respective Subject SSP for Term 3.

During the SPM, those in EL SSP have been verbally reminded to attend the compulsory SSP in Term 3 Week 2. This was on top of the email notification that I sent out on 17 May. If you did NOT receive any email notification from me on 17 May regarding the remedial homework and EL SSP, then that means you are NOT down for EL SSP. However, for the rest of the class, there are still June Holiday assignments that you need to complete and submit to me 1st Tuesday in Term 3 Week 1.
I have attached the relevant documents via email which was sent out on 18 May. Those who are identified for EL SSP do NOT need to complete the assignments that are sent out on 18 May. Please take note of the DIFFERENTIATED LEARNING.

All groups also need to complete the 1st draft of your Student Congress AA (Formal Recommendation Proposal) and submit it to me by tomorrow 25 May 2359. Leaders, pls take charge.

For your strict compliance.

Ms Lam

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